SH-1900A Multi-parameter water quality tester

It can freely match the measurement items according to the user's requirements; the whole machine adopts the integrated mold design, the appearance of fashion; application of the latest touch-screen menu-type operating technology, the instrument to achieve practical intelligence features, with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

Data download

-Accurately determine COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphor, chroma, turbidity, PH, DO, and two heavy metals (optional) indicators in various water bodies
-At the same time support colorimetric and colorimetric tube two colorimetric methods
-7-inch full touch color screen, Chinese menu
-Simple operation, automatic switching of measurement items, customized measurement items according to user requirements
-Memory 100 curves, 15 standard curves, 85 expansion curves can be freely applied under different conditions, different waste water and other conditions
-Temperature setting room temperature ~ 200 °C, the user can adjust according to need, more compatible
-The instrument can calculate the storage curve according to the standard sample
-Built-in printer can print current data, query and print historical data
-USB interface, connect the computer to the host operation, automatically generate a chart (optional)
-Cold light source, narrow band interference, light source lifetime up to 100,000 hours
-Digestion power automatically adjusts with the load quantity, intelligent constant temperature control, delay protection
-Temperature, time can be adjusted and saved
-First domestic rear-mounted splitter technology to avoid external light interference and test data is more stable and reliable

Measurement items

COD/ammonia nitrogen/total phosphor/color/turbidity/PH/DO/two heavy metals (optional)

Display method

7 inch full touch color screen

Measuring range

COD: 5-6000mg/L (segment)          
Ammonia: 0.01-100mg/L (segment)
Total phosphorus: 0.001-8mg/L (segment)
Turbidity: 0-200NTU

measurement accuracy

                       ≤±8%     PH:±0.02     DO:±0.3mg/L

Wavelength range


Number of curves


Storing data

5 million



Batch volume


Color comparison

Colorimetric and colorimetric tubes

Anti-chlorine interference


Light source life

100,000 hours

Optical stability


Temperature control range

Room temperature -200°C

Digestion temperature


Digestion time

10/30 minutes

Product Size


Working power


Total Weight


Intelligent digestion device, test tube rack, water cooling rack, special solid reagents, special reaction tubes, cuvette holders, semi-automatic dosing devices, etc.


Internet of things WIFI customer platform management operating system