6B-70 Total phosphorus tachymeter

This instrument is using the principle of ammonium molybdate spectrophotometric method, and it is ninth generation new products researched, developed, designed and manufactured according to the national standards: GB/T11893-1989.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

Data download

-Cold light source, narrow band interference, and the light resource life is 100,000 hours

-Large-size screen liquid crystal Chinese display, which can directly read the concentration

-It can accurately test the content of total phosphorus in waste water

-The instrument can use national standard samples to calculate and store curve

-Among the built-in 100 curves, 5 standard curves do not need to adjust, can use directly, and other curves can be automatically repaired and stored

-It designs as modern popular mould and has transparent protecting cover which is antiseptic, acidproof, safe and beautiful

-It concludes three sets of timing system, which will automatically keep constant temperature and remind timely

-It can adjust and store temperature and time at will

Measuring range

0.001-20mg/L (subsection)

Measuring error




Measuring time

35 ~ 50 minutes

The number of curve

100 pieces

The stability of luminosity


Temperature indication error


Homogeneity of thermal field


The temperature of digestion


The time of digestion

30 minutes

Indication error of digesting time


Environment temperature


The number of sample

6/9/12/20/24/25/30/56 pieces/batches (to collocate according to the requirement of users)

Working power supply


Product size




Intelligent digest instrument, cooling bath frame, dedicated solid reagent, several dedicated reaction tubes, cuvette frame and semi-automatic filling injector


Internet of things WIFI customer platform management operating system