6B-50C Portable COD high-speed tester

This portable COD measuring instrument is equipped with a 5-hole intelligent digestion device with a mobile power supply to facilitate field and field test detection. The measurement is fast and the data is accurate.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

Data download

-Chinese operating interface, large screen guidance menu liquid crystal display

-It can directly test COD

-Single wavelength and center wavelength are 610nm

-Users can use national standard samples to make automatic calculation of curve

-Among the memory of 100 curves, five of them are standard curves which do not need to adjust, and other curves can be modified and saved by users

-It has functions: result display and storage

-Cold light source, narrow band interference, and the light resource life is 100,000 hours

-Dc working voltage with portable suitcase can implement the field operation

-Portable high-capacity lithium battery can meet multi-batch sample determination

-USB interface can connect the computer making online operation (optional)

Measuring range


Measuring accuracy


The number if batching

5 samples/ batches



Light source life

100,000 hours

Optical stability

S0.001A every ten minutes

Resist chlorine interference

{cl-} < 1200mg/l ; {cl-}<4000mg/l

Colorimetric method


Data storage

Five million data

The number of curve

100 pieces

Display mode

Liquid crystal

Power supply mode

Portable power source

Cooling bath frame, dedicated solid reagent, several dedicated reaction tubes, cuvette frame and semi-automatic filling injector...


Internet of things WIFI customer platform management operating system