6B-1800 Multi-parameter water quality tester

The water quality multi-parameter measuring instrument adopts full band wavelength and has the function of high-grade ultraviolet spectrophotometer. Tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp independent control, can measure COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity and other indicators.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

Data download

-Chinese operating interface, large screen guidance menu liquid crystal display

-The instrument can calculate and store curve based on standard samples

-Among the built-in 100 curves, 30 standard curves do not need to adjust, can use directly, and other curves can automatically repair and store

-It can directly test COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen; it can expand many indexes, such as chromaticity, turbidity and heavy metals and so on

-It has the function of top-grade UV-light spectrophotometer

-Dual-temperature area can digest two indexes of water samples with different temperature at the same time, which can save time

-It has the functions of setting temperature, modifying timekeeping operating line and storing data

-It can adjust and store temperature and time at will

-Tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp were independently controlled, which can prolong the life of deuterium lamp

-Built-in printer can print current data and check historical data

-The online operation through connecting USB interface with computer can automatically generate diagram (optional)

-Blowout control cover of digest instrument adopts materials with transparency, heat resistance and acid and alkali resistance, so it is safe and reliable

Measuring range

COD: 5-50mg/L

   30-6000mg/L (subsection)

Ammonia nitrogen: 0.01 - 100mg/L (subsection)

Total phosphorus: 0.001 - 8mg/L (subsection)

Total nitrogen: 0.01 - 40mgA (subsection)

Measuring error




The stability of luminosity


Wavelength coverage

190-1100 nm±1nm

Data storage

Five million data

The number of curve

One hundred pieces

Temperature control range

Indoor temperature-200℃

The temperature of digestion


The time of digestion

10/30 minutes

Dispose sample

24 / 30 pieces/batches (the configuration according to the requirement of users)

Resist chlorine interference

{cl-} < 1200mg/l ; {cl-} < 4000mg/l

Working power supply

AC 220V±10% / 50Hz

Product size

360x280x 100mm


3 Kg

Intelligent digest instrument, cooling bath frame, dedicated solid reagent, several dedicated reaction tubes, cuvette frame and semi-automatic filling injector…


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