SH-24A Dual temperature intelligent digestion instrument

SH dual-zone touch screen intelligent digestion instrument, using the latest high temperature, corrosion-resistant material design, can simultaneously digest 24/30 samples, improve work efficiency, is a national patent product.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

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-Color touch screen LCD display, easy to operate
-Humanized menu design, one-touch switching is more convenient
-Has independent 4 timing function keys
-Dual temperature zone, simultaneous digestion of water at two different temperatures
-Built-in preset six common heating digestion and timing lines
-Pre-set temperature/timing working curve modification and saving function
-Automatic shut-off protection with temperature-controlled over-temperature
-The outer shell is designed with the popular mold and high temperature corrosion resistant material.
-Transparent and integrated heat-resistant anti-corrosion protection cover, directly observe the state of digestion solution, and eliminate the safety and reliability

-Display mode: 3.2 inch color touch screen display
-Elimination of samples: 12*2 or 24 samples/batch
-Timing range: 1-199min
-Timing error: 10min ± 0.1s
-Digestion method: fully sealed tube resolution
-Number of heating blocks: two (double temperature control)
-Temperature setting range: room temperature -200 °C
-Ambient temperature: -5~45°C
-Temperature control accuracy: 165±1°C/123±1°C
-Heating time: reach the set temperature within 10min
-Pre-existing digestion program: simultaneous digestion for COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, total copper, hexavalent chromium, etc.
-Temperature/Timer Setting: Keyboard Setting/Digital Display/Minimum Setting Range 1°C/1min
-Working power: AC/220V±10%/50Hz
-Average power consumption: 460W
-Product size: 300*240*210mm
-Net weight: 5.8KG

Special reaction tubes, special cooling racks, test tube racks, power cords, manuals, etc.


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