SH-16A Intelligent digest instrument

The Model SH touch screen intelligent digestion instrument adopts the latest mold design and can simultaneously digest 16/25/35 water samples. Built-in multiple heating programs, one-touch switching, operation more time-saving and convenient, is a national patent product.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Configuration

Data download

-It adopts 3.2 -inch color touch-screen to display the latest technology in Chinese

-It has independent three timing functional keys

-Preset built-in several commonly used heating processes

-Heating procedure with one-click switching makes the operation more convenient

-The humanized typeface with three colors makes the color more bright and intuitive

-The shell adopts contemporary pop appearance design, and its material can resist high resistance and corrosion

-Protective cover with transparency, integration, heat resistance and anti-corrosion, which can directly observe the state of digestion solution, and its  digestion is safe and reliable

-It can automatically cut the protection when temperature control exceeds the limited temperature

-It has functions of presetting temperature/modifying and saving timing working line

Display mode

Display on the 3.2-inch touch screen

Temperature control range

Indoor temperature ~ 200°C

Temperature control accuracy

165±1°C / 123±1°C

Heating up time

Up to setting temperature within 10min

Digestion mode

Many heat procedures

It can used for digesting COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, total copper and hexavalent chromium and so on

Timing range

1 ~ 199min

Timing error


Sample number of digestion

16 pieces/batches

Digestion method

Digestion of totally-enclosed tube

Operation environment temperature


Working power supply

AC/220V/50HZ / 600W

Product size

300x240x220 mm



Special reaction tube branch, test tube rack, cooling rack, power cord, manual, etc.


Internet of things WIFI customer platform management operating system