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      May is the season when everything grows. It is also a good time for tourism! From May 26th to 27th, Shengaohua organized a two-day trip to Hangzhou Qiandao Lake for the purpose of making everyone feel at ease through group activities, away from intense work pressure, and having close contact with nature, thereby stimulating enthusiasm for work and life. 

      Thousand Island Lake Tour officially opened! The first day

      The company prepared in advance and made overall arrangements. In the early morning everyone gathered in the company, all the way to high speed, after 4 hours drive we arrived at the destination --- Hangzhou Qiandao Lake.


      First of all, we came to have a regional cultural characteristics - "Green Oxygen Dream Pond", explore the quiet path, pick up the stairs, breathing fresh air and close embrace of nature, that warm feeling arises spontaneously.


      Then experience the Thousand Island Lake Greenway ride. Along the way are the independent lakefront landscape greenways. At the same time, you can also enjoy the beautiful lake scenery of Thousand Islands Lake. Look quickly, little friends are already waiting for their favorite bicycle!



      Stay in the hotel for a short break, and it's time for us to supper!



      The scenery of the night is still beautiful, with a cup of tea and a stool. I feel the feeling of comfort and comfort brought by this island.


      After breakfast the next day, we began our journey to the lake. Of course, we had to take a boat trip to see the lake.


      Touring Qiandao Lake has “no view on Meifeng Island and no knowledge of thousands of islands.” Of course, we all have to board the highest island in this Qiandao Lake.


      Whether it is uphill or downhill, the beauty is always with you. It is in front of you, the moist air is refreshing, and the cool breeze is refreshing.


      Leave Meifeng Island and take the cruise again. The next stop is to 【Le Fishing Island】. Listening to the tour guide, there are two big pythons on this island. Xiao Bian’s frightened bones have already scared me. The little partner actually still...


      The last stop arrived at Longshan Island. It was known as Longshan Mountain in the ancient times. It was a famous scenic spot in western Zhejiang Province at the time and it was known as the "Tongqiao Xiaojin Mountain in Tieqiao and the Living Dragon Mountain in the Shixi Academy".


      While enjoying the beautiful and natural scenery, everyone did not forget to take a picture and commemorate each other, enhancing mutual emotion and creating a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere.


      Time is always very fast, and this time has arrived at our return time. Although I feel tired, I feel very happy. In this tour, everyone relaxed their bodies and minds, eased the pressure brought about by working life, and at the same time reflected the team spirit of Shenghua and enhanced the feelings among colleagues. In the season of hope, we are passionate and we sail together with the company! Sheng Aohua, come on!






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